Andrea Castrovilli was born in Milan in 1967 and from an early age became passionate to the world of jewelry. He studied at Scuola Orafa Milanese, which is recognized for the manual work and the attention to the details.

Since 1984 to 1998 he perfectionated his own techniques working in the best jewelry laboratories of the city and paying atention on the essential elements for the creation of a jewel: from the design to the study of the proportions, from the knowledge of the metals and precious gemstones to the discovery of unusual and unexpected combinations.

The high jewelry inspired his course constituting a fundamental chapter on his professional story. "At workshop" knew and loved deeply his work, understood the characteristics and aesthetic sense, transformed the materia to expression, which encloses art and nature.

In 1998 decided to founded his own jewelry laboratory at Milan: Castrovilli Gioielli.

The production is developed in two paralel directions: the realization of collections for other brands (from prototype to production) and the creation of jewels for the own brand, to experimented new ideas and new areas fueling the passion.

Currently Andrea Castrovilli presents every season, a collection of 7 unique pieces describing and interpreting the trend of the moment, without betraying the fondamental principles of the own work: passion for the beauty, aesthetic sense and refinement.